Does Christ Belong in Christmas ?

The Facts about Christmas don’t seem to Fit
the Jewish Messiah- known as Jesus Christ.
The Date is Wrong,  the setting is pagan,
the traditions are pagan,  the winter season 
doesn’t fit the Bible story,  the commercialism
and shopping is opposite of Christ’s teachings,
and everything about Christmas seems to
oppose what he taught.  

The very first  Christians did not celebrate 
his birth.  Jesus and the apostles did not 
celebrate Christ’s birth either.

So with all this negative information about 
Christmas – why would we still try to put
Christ into this holiday?   Does he belong
there ?   Would he want to be a part of the
Christmas Holiday ?

Christians need to pay attention to the fact 
that celebrations of Christmas simply don’t 
have anything to do with Jesus. Consider some 
of the most popular Christmas traditions
erecting and decorating a tree, hanging wreaths
sending cards, drinking eggnog, giving presents, 
hanging mistletoe… where is Christ in all 
of this?  Most of it is pagan. It’s no wonder 
that many Christians throughout history have 
objected to Christmas celebrations. At one time,
celebrating Christmas was even illegal among 
the Puritans. 

“Christmas was originally to honor the sun 
and other gods around the time of the winter 
solstice… The origins of Christmas actually
contradict true Christianity.  Why should we 
believe that Jesus was born on Dec. 25 when 
the Bible itself plainly contradicts this 
— Christmas Before Christ: 
    The Surprising Truth!
   by Jerold Aust

“The fact is, Jesus neither observed 
Christmas nor taught others to observe 
it. It did not originate with Him. 
But He did speak out strongly against 
the traditions of men.”
— Christmas Before Christ: 
    The Surprising Truth!
   by Jerold Aust

“Indeed, Jesus taught that Scripture 
cannot be broken (John 10:35), and it 
explicitly warned against adopting 
pagan worship customs to honor the 
true God (Deuteronomy 12:29-32).”
— Christmas Before Christ: 
    The Surprising Truth!
   by Jerold Aust

“Christmas originated at a time when 
the cult of the sun was particularly 
strong at Rome.” 
– The New Catholic Encyclopedia
 (1967, Vol. 3, p. 656). 

“Christians, with the authority of the 
Roman emperors behind them, stole Christmas 
from pagan society. Now perhaps it is time 
to give it back. It is time to take Christ 
out of Christmas.”
-Liberating Christmas from Christianity
Let’s Take Christ Out of Christmas

Do you think God accepts something 
just because you think your intentions 
are good?  You think God is not concerned 
about the details of where Christmas 

Christmas also represents hypocrisy, 
the same kind of hypocrisy the Pharisees 
were guilty of when they broke God’s 
commandments to keep their traditions. 
We are hypocrites if we claim to honor 
Christ by disobeying God’s command in 
Deuteronomy 12:29-32.

God directly commands His people NOT to 
do what men have done with Christmas – 
appropriate pagan customs into the 
worship of God. 

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